Get NFS and iSCSI latency

I am using dd and ioping to determine read/write latency on NFS and iSCSI.
This is a test lab so the latencies will be very low compared to production environments.

Install and configure Apache in SLES11

Steps to installing and configuring apache in Suse.

Red Hat 7 / CentOS 7 - iSCSI Target with LIO

Red Hat 7 comes with LIO as default iSCSI target, thus replacing TGT Target. targetcli is the management shell for LIO and provides an easy way to create and export LUNs.

Simple file sharing options in Linux

Most common ways to share files from a Linux server are using the following services:
- Samba

Resize virtual disk in VMware on a Linux guest OS

Increasing the size of the vmdk file (or virtual disk) in vmware can be achieved using the vsphere client or the esxi command vmkfstools.

Performance analysis in Linux

My steps to troubleshooting performance issues with CPU, memory or IOPs.

Configure gluster in centos 7

Gluster allows for rapid provisioning of storage in a large environment, with automatic failover as its main feature, without the need of a metadata node.
Gluster is capable of automatic data replication from the main node to the brick node.

RHEL 7, CENTOS 7 in VMware no network adapter

RHEL 7, CENTOS 7 in VMware no network adapter

After installing CentOS 7 in ESXi or VMWare Workstation there are no network adapters available.

Expand storage with LVM.

I have a RHEL 7 base image installed. I only have one disk and the partitioning looks like this:

All loop devices on the host are in use.

vmware workstation error :
"All loop devices on the host are in use."

Hot add CPU and disks to a Linux system

In a Linux VM sometimes one might need to add new CPUs and / or disks to the system.

Use ESXi CLI to configure iscsi

This tutorial shows how to use the command line in ESXi 5.5 to mount iSCSI LUNs from a Linux server.

Limit user to specific commands in Linux

This tutorial shows how to limit a user to just specific commands. I am using a SLES 11 image in this scenario.

Mount iSCSI LUNs in Linux.

To mount LUNs presented via tgt iSCSI Target from a Linux iSCSI server I need to know the IP address of the iSCSI server's interface used for iSCSI traffic. iSCSI uses TCP ports, usually 3260.

Create and export iSCSI LUNs with arch linux

In this scenario I am using an Arch Linux image with tgt iSCSI Target. Tgt can be installed from AUR.
As long as TGT is installed and started, this tutorial can be used on other distros as well.